Buying ANd Selling plastic

working with business to maximise their plastic scrap

Plastic Trading

The business of buying and selling plastic needs to be as open and transparent as possible. UK Plastic Recycling Ltd provides extensive knowledge and experience for clients covering international end markets.

Our team operate across the world, making UK Plastic a leading business when it comes to buying scrap plastic as well as selling plastic for recycling. We provide services across the UK covering industrial manufacturing, schools and many other services providers. We also allow anyone to drop off plastic for recycling at our sorting facility based in Newcastle.

What sets UK Plastic Recycling Ltd apart from many other providers is our trusted, ethical and responsible approach to how we buy and sell scrap plastic. We have strict processes in place which mean we have full visibility and traceability on the journey the plastic takes, providing customers with complete peace of mind that all the material we process is being treated in a professional, ethical and accountable way.

Passionate about the environment and plastic, we work with manufacturers and suppliers who are looking to both recover and sell recycled plastic, helping to build a positive network that allows recovered material to re-enter the supply chain.

Our dedicated UK plastic recycling facility allows us to buy scrap plastic from a range of wide range of industries, before reprocessing and granulating material to be sold on. We provide full reporting for compliance and auditing purposes.

Selling plastic for recycling.

UK Plastic Recycling Ltd sells quality plastic suitable to re-enter the supply chain. Our UK facility features state of the art technology and lines dedicated to specific plastics. Our internal processes and quality control checks ensure that our reprocessed material is clean and free from contaminants and barrier layers.

Scrap Plastic Buying

UK Plastic Recycling Ltd can work with businesses across a range of industries, buying scrap plastic to then be reprocessed at our UK plastic recycling centre. We look to build lasting partnerships with suppliers, advising them on the correct segregation, storage and handling of the material to ensure they are both environmentally active while still maximising the value of their plastic scrap.