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Plastic Recycling

UK Recycling Ltd is one of the leading plastic recycling companies in the North East of England. As a commercial plastic recycling company, we can recycle both soft and hard plastics at our Newcastle shredding and hotwash facility. This means we can cut out the middle man and can offer both recycling collections from manufacturers nationally and also drop off services at our Wesley Way unit. UK Plastic Recycling can save your business both time and money while you reduce the amount of plastic your company impacts on the environment.

Mattress Recycling

UK Recycling Ltd is Newcastle's leading mattress recycling facility. Our process involves deconstructing the mattresses by hand. At the same time, this is a time-consuming operation; however, it produces a much higher quality of recyclable materials recovered from the waste, compared to the alternative of shredding the mattresses mechanically, or other types of machinery. In higher-quality mattresses, there can be up to 17 different materials obtained from the recycling process, ranging from the plain steel and cotton, ,to horse and coconut hair.